monday monday, so good to me

Slim pickings today, but these two look fun:

Gravity Runner

Device: All
Genre: Side scrolling jumper
Price: FREE

Gravity Runner made me swear a lot last night. It’s a cute platformer that’s way harder than it looks – navigate through the obstacle-laden land, flipping the gravity when the terrain gets too tough. It reminds me of Shift, which is another “flip your view” game (that is really quite good, if you like the genre).


Device: All
Genre: Puzzle
Price: FREE

Tangle starts out almost insultingly easy, then ramps up the difficulty. You’re given a number of islands that you need to connect with bridges, but each island can only have a certain number of things attached. Can you figure out the best way to link all the islands together? I yawned through the first 4 levels, but then I took a look at what was waiting for me on the Medium and Large puzzles and it looks messy and complicated. I don’t think this app really has enough oomph to it to become a favourite, but it’s a nice change of pace from the frantic games I usually play.


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