saturday is for good times

And this zombie app is definitely a good time:

Zombie Flick

Device: All
Genre: watch your flanks!
Price: FREE

Yes, this app has zombies. The walking (and overexposed) undead aside, this app is a ton of fun. Star in your very own Z-movie and take out the incoming zombies with whatever you can find. Four flimsy police barriers and a pile of garbage are all that stand between you and a tasty lunch for someone else. Done up in a very cool looking movie-trailer style with awesome graphics, Zombie Flick is a total blast. In fact, I stopped writing this brief paragraph three times to go back and play again. Get it now while it’s free!

Word Quest Plus

Device: All
Genre: word search
Price: FREE

I was pretty curious as to what would make up a “plus” version of a word search game, and this app came through in a big way. Controls to listen to your iPod right in the main menu? Check. Hundreds of different word themes? Check. Difficultly levels? Of course. The ability to hide certain letters to make it more challenging? Sure! Searches in another language? Why not! And my absolute favourite: the ability to create a custom word search by entering in a URL? Hell yes! I did a word search based on my blog while listening to The Ting Tings. It was awesome (but not dirty – must fix that). This is a fantastic word search app with a zillion extra features that make it deserving of the “plus” banner across the icon. I approve!

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll yesterday – the majority wins, so I will no longer be adding the original price to the apps. I had a definite preference as to which aspect of the updates I stopped, and it was actually the original price for sure – it’s a pain in the ass to track that down for every single app I try out. Hopefully this will make the updates a little easier for me to do – I actually love doing this, because I discover new things for myself to try daily and I love sharing discoveries with you all. Here’s to more people shaking their fists at me because they can’t stop playing games I turned them on to! 😀

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