five for friday

11 years ago yesterday, Sega launched the Dreamcast game system in North America. To celebrate the anniversary, they announced that Chu Chu Rocket will be released for the iDevice in October. YAY! For the uninitiated, this video will tell you everything you need to know: Chu Chu Rocket!

Now, onto some apps you can get now instead of next month:

Sushi Cat

Device: All
Genre: om nom nom
Price: FREE  (originally $0.99)

Sushi Cat is a big fat cat (who I imagine looks like this in real life) in love. Unfortunately, he is not big enough to get into the place where his love awaits. Solution: eat sushi until he’s fat enough to open the doors! Sushi Cat is adorable and awesome, and you should get it now.

Also, Hobbs is big.


Device: All
Genre: media streaming
Price: FREE  (possible launch price)

ZumoCast is the current darling of the “do everything everywhere” crowd. It allows you to stream media from your computer to your iDevice and watch/listen to files remotely via wi-fi or 3G. It seems almost too good to be true, but early reports are saying that it does exactly as advertised and is kind of awesome. I’ve set it up on my iBig and my iSmall, and can finally catch up on the last 6 episodes of Glee before the new season starts from anywhere in my house without having to transfer the files to my device. If you like being able to do everything everywhere, you’re probably going to want to grab ZumoCast – I haven’t tried it via 3G yet, but it’s worth having just in the house for those days where the computer is just SO FAR AWAY.

Gothy Gotherson: The Mysterious Abduction Deluxe

Device: All
Genre: where did I put my pen, glasses, burnt paper, rose, spider, bicycle? (hidden object)
Price: FREE  (originally $0.99)

Alicia Darkstone is knee-deep in a mystery: where is all her stuff? This pretty-looking hidden object game is free for today only – featuring some awesome Batman logic in the first two minutes, this is a quick play-through that will keep you busy for a little while. I like how they’re doing the hidden object genre on the iSmall – zooming and panning – and this game looks really nice on the crispy iPhone 4 screen. If you liked Antrim Escape, you might like this one.

Beatrix Potter Collection

Device: iPad
Genre: children’s stories
Price: $0.99  (originally $6.99)

Who says I hate kids? Look, here’s an app for kids. If you’re too lazy to read to them or you want to keep them occupied while you have some Grown-Up Time, give them your iPad and load up some classic Beatrix Potter stories. This is a large app due to the audio files, but might keep little Susie or Timmy busy during that long, long road trip to grandma’s house.

Phoenix Spirit

Device: All
Genre: side scrolling magical squirrel
Price: FREE  (originally $1.99)

Oh those wacky Swedes and their magical squirrels! Phoenix Spirit is an award-winning side scroller with beautiful graphics and a fitting soundtrack. I’ve only just started to play it so I’m not really sure what’s going on, but my magical squirrel has been tasked to save the world and I need to find out why. It’s nice to look at and very soothing, so check it out why not.

Lastly, I need some help – I love doing these updates daily, but they take a lot of time. I’m looking to streamline the process a little, so please take this quick poll to let me know which of the current features you care the least about (ie: wouldn’t miss if I stopped adding them to my content). Thanks!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by alienmeatsack on September 10, 2010 at 11:17 am

    I really liked Sushi Cat – Peggle meets bouncy fat cat 😀

    Also liked Ponk and Fall of Atlantis.


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