labour day apps

Stop what you’re doing and go get this:

The Creeps

Device: All
Genre: Tower Defense
Price: FREE  (originally $1.99)

The Creeps is hands down my favourite Tower Defense game on the iDevice. I’ve spent untold hours playing this game, often staying up until 2am just to perfect a level or three. I’ve played every level, bought ever expansion pack, and still clamor for more. The Creeps was one of the first iPhone games I downloaded, and the one that really made me put down my DS and start using my phone as a serious casual gaming device.  YOU NEED THIS GAME! GET IT NOW

Also, [adult swim] is having a sale:

Robot Unicorn Attack

Device: All
Genre: Side-Scrolling robot unicorns
Price: $0.99 (originally $2.99)

Do you like unicorns? How about robots, rainbows and Erasure? If you answer yes to even one of those, you need to get Robot Unicorn Attack. Collect fairies, smash through stars, and leave a trail of rainbow wherever you go – Robot Unicorn Attack is a cult favorite that makes no sense at all but is kind of fantastic despite that. Unicorns are very e-hip at the moment – if this game had come out in 2003, it would have been Robot Badger Attack (followed by Pirate Ninja Attack and Robot Bacon Attack). All of [adult swim]’s ridiculous titles are on sale for $0.99 today; I’d go shopping now before they all go back up to their regular, surprisingly expensive prices.

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