pre-vacation app grab

Last update for the week – we’re off to PAX!

Veggie Samurai

Device: All
Genre: Shameless rip-off of Fruit Ninja
Price: FREE  (originally $0.99)

Veggie Samurai is a blatant rip-off of Fruit Ninja that I wouldn’t recommend if it wasn’t free today. Whenever I find myself getting bored of Fruit Ninja, I start up Veggie Samurai and then I remember how awesome Fruit Ninja actually is. There are some game play features here that aren’t in FN, but overall it lacks the charm of the original. Get it because it’s free; ignore it otherwise.

After you’ve played Veggie Samurai, you can use this app to tell everyone how it pales in comparison to Fruit Ninja:


Device: All
Genre: Social Media
Price: Free

Twitter is the official app of .. well, Twitter. It’s always free, but was updated today to add iPad support. It’s a really popular iPhone client, so it’ll be interesting to see what they did to make it good for the iPad – will it replace TweetDeck for me? OH THE INTRIGUE!

Hey, western Canadians – London Drugs has a sale on iTunes cards, of all things: $5 off a $25 card. I’m going to grab a couple so I can stop feeling guilty about buying apps like these:

Everlands  HD

Device: iPad
Genre: Animal style!
Price: $0.99 (originally $1.99)

I just grabbed this for my iPad – looks interesting. Reviews across the board say it’s deceptively challenging; a tactical strategy game that happens to feature cute little animals gone evil. I’ll check it out on the ride down to Seattle!

If you didn’t grab this app a few weeks ago when it was free, consider getting it now for a dollar:

Glyder 2

Device: iPad
Genre: Woosh! I’m a steampunk!
Price: $0.99 (originally $1.99)

I grabbed in July when it was free, and it ended up being a keeper. It’s awfully pretty and challenging (for me, because I suck at flying) and it makes me swear a lot; all hallmarks of a good time. It’s a great way to show off your iPad to the non-believers, too. Definitely worth grabbing for a dollar!

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