lazy sunday

Let’s download apps!

Doodle Fly

Device: All
Genre: fly me to the moon
Price: FREE  (originally $4.99)

I know – another doodle app – but this one is actually really, really cute and has a story line. I spent hours playing it last night, and kept going back to it because I wanted to complete the goals and find out what happens next. Definitely worth grabbing while free, regardless of the doodle overkill!


How about some Twister?


Device: All
Genre: left index finger green!
Price: FREE  (originally $0.99)

This app gets a mention for the description alone: This is a game that can bring you fame as the man most flexible and agile fingers in front of the amazed public and without unpleasant consequences.

Nobody likes unpleasant consequences.


Secret education!

Rise of Atlantis

Device: All
Genre: match 3; make Atlantis appear
Price: FREE  (originally $0.99)

A really high-rated match-3 game with nifty graphics and full of sneaky history knowledge.


And a sale app worth getting:


Device: All
Genre: .. it’s Scrabble!
Price: $0.99  (sale price, originally $2.99)

Scrabble was one of the very first apps I installed, and I still play it regularly. This is an awesome edition, and is a ton of fun – it’s definitely worth the regular price, let alone a dollar. If you love Scrabble or word games, get this now!

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