tomorrow is today is thursday

Wednesday night update for Thursday apps so you’ll have more time to take advantage of the free:

Rhythm Spirit

Device: All
Genre: ninja ninja revolution
Price: FREE  (originally $1.99)

Go get this app. Right now. I’ll wait while you do.


Got it? Okay, then. This is a rhythm-running-fighting game that is really awesome. It’s a fairly large download – over 100mb – because of the in-game soundtrack, which is techno-ninja style and really cool; it suits the game perfectly. The graphics are great; not that you’ll be looking at them much – you’ll be too busy fighting and tapping and escaping stuff. Seriously, this is worth a download at the price of nothing – get it while it’s free and thank me later.


Device: iPhones only; needs a camera
Genre: hey I wonder what this picture would look like if I took it in the past
Price: FREE  (originally $1.99)

There are a hundred toy camera apps available, and this is one of the better ones. It processes your pictures (taken with the camera or from your photo album) to some fairly faithful renditions of old school analog photography. It’s not as funky as Hipstamatic or as varied as Camera Bag, but it has 25 or so different lofi camera effects that are fun to experiment with. It’s definitely worth picking up while free – you can never have too many fun camera apps.

Crazy Test

Device: All
Genre: i have a short attention span and enjoy fart jokes
Price: FREE  (originally $0.99)

This is a fairly juvenile app, but amusing for no dollars – 70 micro games for you to play as long as you can, which will apparently tell you how zany and wacky you are. I’m not so sure about the accuracy of such tests, but some of the micro games got a chuckle out of me for the sheer weirdness. Check it out while it’s free; keep it or don’t – it’s a good way to pass some time if you don’t want to invest yourself in anything deeper than a walrus.

Bumble Tales

You might notice that there’s no link for this app, and here’s why: it’s broken. When you load the app up, the music plays but there’s a black screen – something isn’t working properly. It’s a shame, because it looks really interesting – a match-3 game with a story line and RPG elements, good reviews, cute screenshots and a ridiculous trailer – but it no workie. I’ll keep checking to see if a patch is released and check out the gameplay when I can (and recommend to y’all if it is fun), but until that happens, don’t bother. Here’s hoping there’s a fix before the free period runs out or they extend it because of the bug!

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