wednesday app ‘plosion

Before I list off today’s free apps, a release announcement: Epic Win is coming out tonight! Epic Win is a To-Do list crossed with an RPG, and it looks AWESOME. I’ve been waiting for this since the trailer came out, and I’ll definitely be refreshing my iTunes every four minutes after 8pm until it appears for purchase. Dunno the price; don’t really care – that’s how fun it looks. Keep an eye out for Epic Win!

Now, onto your Wednesday freebies:


Device: All
Genre: When regular shuffleboard just isn’t enough
Price: FREE  (originally $1.99)

Choose your colour, position and speed and let your little blob thing loose. Your goal is to match him to his colour on the board, but watch out for things in your way. I haven’t encountered these things yet, but the game seems playable enough – it helped me kill sometime at 1am when I couldn’t sleep. Also, free. Free is good.

Doodle Sky Pro

Device: All
Genre: Flight Control with guns
Price: FREE  (originally $1.99)

iDevice users sure do love their Doodle apps. This one is a aerial fighting game – use your finger to control your plane and shoot enemy doodles out of the sky. I find the text in the game extremely hard to read – seriously, thin white scribbles on a light blue background? – but it’s pretty fun. Unlock different ship types and weaponry, and do battle in the unfriendly skies for glory and a momentary thrill!

Escape From Nom

Device: All
Genre: Hungry Puzzler
Price: FREE  (originally $2.99)

This game might be a little to twee for my tastes – you’re a cute little blob trying to avoid being eaten by other cute little blobs. Dive through cute little bumpers and collect cute little flowers for cute little bonus points before landing safely in the cute little water. The game dialogue definitely saves this app from being tooth-hurtingly sweet – I found myself giggling a couple times (but it was also 2am, so I may just have been tired) – and it’s a solid game for people who like “get from point A to point B safely” puzzles. And? Free!

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