late monday apps

Sorry for the late update – I had a very invasive Monday that left me no time to sniff out cool stuff. Better late than never, though:


Device: All
Genre: I have a really stretchy arm, and I’m going that way!
Price: $0.99  (it JUST stopped being free – I’m sorry!)

This is what happens when I don’t update in the morning – things STOP BEING FREE. Case in point: this app right here, which literally went from being free to $0.99 in the time I was trying to write this post. Thing is, it’s a really fun game – you’re stretchy, and you need to go that way – so I’m still including it. It’s kind of a puzzle action game, and it sufficiently amused me while I was waiting to go into the dentist chair so they could do horrible things to me – I totally forgot all about my terror for almost half an hour. That’s good, right?

LilRacerz Pro Rally

Device: All
Genre: Flaming skullz! Extraneous z! Let’s pop our collars and listen to Nickelback!
Price: FREE  (originally $3.99)

The icon over there is the “sexy new icon” that was revealed with V1.1 – hm. Still, I’m really including this for Ed who loves Rally Racing – I can only imagine he would like it when it was small and portable and had an Z where an S should be. It looks pretty cool, and has some decent ratings – I’m going to check it out, even though I’m not a huge racing game fan (because I suck at them). How can I not? Just look at that sexy icon!

Decoder Ring

Device: All
Genre: Everyone loves decoder rings!
Price: FREE  (originally $0.99)

I bought this app ages ago, and it’s been on my phone ever since. It’s like a crossword puzzle without the clues mixed with a logic puzzle – based on the few letters you’ve got, what letter does the symbol represent? I like this one, and can heartily recommend it if you like words and puzzles, especially when it’s free.

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