apps for your friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th – how about some scary iPhone games?

Hysteria Project

Device: All
Genre: holy crap why is this guy with an axe chasing me
Price: $1.99
Disclaimer: I haven’t played this title but it looks kinda cool

Start the game, and you’re tied up and in a bit of a pickle: some crazy hooded axe murder is after you for some reason, and you need to get away alive. Spooky graphics, scary sounds, and a bunch of awards won overseas. The game is reportedly short though, so pick it up if you’re looking for a thrill and can’t afford the ladies on Seymour Street.


Device: All
Genre: who had the bright idea to keep all these monsters in this maze
Price: $1.99
Disclaimer: Installing this title now!

A man has died, and you must guide his soul through a creepy-ass series of obstacles. Hand-drawn graphics, a choice of difficulty and some scary noises make for a highly atmospheric experience. I may not be man enough to handle things jumping out at me, but it’s worth a shot – what good is a Friday the 13th without peeing my pants in fear?

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Device: All
Genre: bugs are delicious
Price: $2.99 iSmall; $4.99 HD iPad

I know – I can’t believe I’m recommending a game featuring a spider either. I’m terrified of spiders, BUT – this game is so good, I purchased it for the iPhone and again in HD for the iPad, and I’ve played through it many times. This game isn’t so much scary as it is eerie – you’re a spider making your way through an empty house in which some kind of tragedy has happened. Figuring out the secret is really just a side project – your real goal is to spin webs to trap bugs, eat them, and trigger the exit. There are some puzzles along the way, and the great fun of pouncing on bees to eat them. You can make your way through the game completely ignoring your surroundings, but that would be a waste – you will quickly find yourself engrossed in the clues and try to guess the Secret of Bryce Manor. For a game with no dialogue whatsoever, they did a fabulous job of creating a mystery. This game is utterly gorgeous, and a must have if you can ignore the fact that the protagonist is a spider – I just pretend he’s a dust bunny, and don’t pay any attention to his legs.

If scary games just aren’t your thing, here are two other apps to try:


Device: All
Genre: move the pretty colours to make stuff explode
Price: FREE (originally $1.99)

The makers of Flipstones make some pretty lofty claims – they say that this app is “everything you could possibly want in a game”. I only just installed it so that remains to be seen – will this game contain nudity and robots? Diet Coke and underpants? I am skeptical, but I applaud their claims of awesomeness – go big or go home.


Device: All
Price: $0.99 (launch price)

Splode is a new game that launched yesterday – create chain reactions to bring colour and music back to the world. Splode is gorgeous and soothing, and it sounds great – I played it last night before bed and it was a great game to unwind with. Give this one a try; it’s really well done and only a dollar.

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