chop chop thursday

One freebie and a bunch of sales:

Chop Chop Runner

Device: All
Genre: running, chopping
Price: FREE (originally$1.99)

Gamerizon is cornering the market on big-headed ninjas who like to chop things. To celebrate the release of their 4th title (Chop Chop Soccer, on sale for $0.99), they’ve made Chop Chop Runner free for the day. I’ve previously played Chop Chop Ninja and Chop Chop Tennis, so I grabbed this one while it’s free. I like chopping, I suppose – clearly not as much as the Gamerizon guys do – but these titles are always well done and enjoyable, so I’d dare say that Chop Chop Soccer is worth scooping up for a buck if you like this free title.

Crystal Defenders

Device: All
Genre: I have no mouth and I must defend the crystal
Price: $3.99 (originally more expensive than that)

Square Enix (aka Squeenix) has released Chaos Rings for the iPad ($15.99), and to celebrate, they’ve put the rest of their apps on sale. I am not a huge fan of Square Enix – Final Fantasy games make me want to throw an epic tantrum – but begrudgingly offer up props for their other titles like Dragon Quest and The World Ends With You, both games I’ve spent countless hours playing on the DS. Squeenix games are among the highest prices on iTunes, but these are games that could have easily been released for the DS or PSP at more than double the price. That being said, I still don’t want to necessarily play Chaos Rings (on sale for the iSmalll $9.99 from $12.99) – it looks too similar to Final Fantasy to pique my interest. Crystal Defenders is a Tower Defense game along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics, which I DID enjoy – a turn based strategy game with chickens. I’ll probably get this one while it’s on sale for $4; I get paid tomorrow. If you prefer, there’s also a series of “lite” apps you can try before spending real money.

Don’t blame me when your game is 85% cut scene, though.

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