mid-week app sandwich

Two new games getting some serious buzz:

Canon Cadets

Device: All
Genre: Angry Birds except the pigs are robots, the birds are people and they’re not so much angry as they are gassy
Price: $1.99 (launch price)

This game is an Angry Birds clone, but it’s pretty fun all the same. Angry Birds has been such an enormous hit that it’s easy to see why developers would try to copy it in any way possible – in this edition, you’ve got an army of identical children trying to save one another from fun-hating robots controlled by fun-hating monkeys. It’s got 80 levels, and while I could really truly live without the burping and farting sound effects (yes, I’m 80), it seems pretty cute. I don’t know that I’d buy it for $2 (I bought it on my US account, so it came off a gift card), but if you’re rich and bored it’d be worth it. If not, wait to see if the price drops. Or don’t! Choose your destiny! Flawless victory! Mortal Kombat!

Looking for an 8-bit good time? Look no further:

The Incident

Device: All, but works best on the iSmall
Genre: God is pissed – run away!
Price: $1.99 (launch price)

This game has been described as “Katamari Damacy meets Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”, so you had to know I’d be all over it. It’s very unique – you’re a dude, minding your own business, when SHIT STARTS FALLING FROM THE SKIES! What’s going on up there? Only one way to find out – climb the piling debris and see for yourself. Dodge cars, pianos, buildings, cats and more to make your way higher and higher. I made it up 18 meters before I was squished by an orange sofa – how far will you get? This game is full of charm and tubas, has a great soundtrack, and is totally worth the $2.

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