my man friday


Device: All
Genre: Turn-based strategy with shiny pants
Price: FREE (originally $2.99)

I can’t download this until I get home – too large to do over 3G – but it looks fun. I like the icon, anyway. And .. y’know, free. Free is good.

If Highborn doesn’t have enough zombies for you, there’s this offering:

Zombie Shock

Device: All
Genre: Graphic-novel-esq side scrolling shoot ’em up with zombies that are shocking
Price: FREE (originally $1.99)

I’m kind of over the whole Zombies Everywhere fad – if they come out with Doodle Zombie I may have to kick something – but this game has good reviews and intriguing screenshots. Good enough for me; I’m easy. It’s why I’m so popular.

This next app is THE (zombied, doodled) DEVIL:

The Ultimate Alphabet

Device: iPad
Genre: for smart people only
Price: FREE TRIAL – downloading this app will let you play for one hour; you then have the option to buy the whole level and/or level bundles

When I had a PC, I played a lot of Hidden Object games because I had nothing better to do. I’ve been avoiding them on the iDevice because I can breeze through them very quickly and I’d probably go blind trying to find tiny things on an iPhone screen. Therefore, I almost passed this game up when I saw it – until I read the details.

This isn’t a Hidden Object game so much as it is a “what is THAT” game. You’re presented with an image jam-packed with things, and in that image, you must click on items and name them. In the A level, your image contains 362 items beginning with the letter A – can you find them all? I played for HOURS last night – seriously, like 3 hours – and I got to 93. And that was using Wikipedia for the names of dog breeds. This game is impossibly hard, and I hate it but I also love it – when my hour trial was up, I paid $6.99 (a million dollars in iTunes money) to download levels A through D. I am DETERMINED to finish this stupid game, even if I have to do terrible, evil things. Toytek will pay my bail, right?

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  1. Posted by alienmeatsack on July 30, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Zombie Shock is quite nicely done. The 2D graphics are comic book good, and it is fun to play. I have downloaded Highborn but not tried it yet. I had so many freebies to try today!

    You might also check out Qalvinus, a side scrolling RPG with more dialog than a Japanese RPG. And Parcours.robo, an interesting robo thinking game.


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