putting the “hump” in humpday

iKamasutra – Sex Positions from Kama Sutra and beyond Kamasutra

Device: All, but it’s in HD so it looks best on an iPad/iPhone 4
Genre: bwah chika bwah bwah
Price: $0.99 (originally $2.99)

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that I’ve had this app installed for weeks. You there, in the back? You’re new here, aren’t you?

I’ve had several different apps dedicated to the Kama Sutra, but this one is my favourite because it allows you to create sexy lists. You can check off positions you’ve tried, ones you want to try, and ones that are your favourite. There’s even a progress meter, based on the number of positions you’ve done – be ranked from novice to master! You can email positions to people complete with pictures, and have the app choose a position for you based on your mood: use the slider to choose your desired intimacy, complexity and strength and it’ll spit out the position(s) that best go with that mood. Seriously, they’ve thought of almost everything in this app and managed to keep it relatively classy – go ahead, YOU try to explain and illustrate the Reverse Amazon in a polite manner.

As classy as it may be, this app is not for everyone – for those looking for an Extreme Thrill, don’t forget that this is based on the Kama Sutra – there are no tips or suggestions in here for kinky, group, or gay lovin’ (but holy crap I would buy the app for everyone if there were). It’s also not necessarily for the weak of heart – going from a lifetime of missionary to the pile driver might be a little much for the missus to take. Still, it’s a great app if you’ve got a partner and a sense of adventure: use the random setting and let your iDevice decide what kind of humping you’re going to do next.

Then take pictures, and tell me all about it.


Threesome Sex Positions

Device: All
Genre: bwah chika bwah bwah
Price: $0.99

Oh wait, look what I just found. I’m installing it now!


2 responses to this post.

  1. What would we do without you, Kimli? 😀


  2. […] posted a review of an iDevice Kama Sutra app on the other blog that is much more entertaining (and less angry) than […]


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