never go ass to tuesday

This app gets a post on the title alone:

Draw Slasher HD: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies

Device: iPad
Genre: .. wtf ..
Price: FREE (originally $1.99)

I know nothing about this game – I’m recommending it based on the title and screenshots alone. Look at them! Hilarious! It’s like every meme of the last five years shoved into one HD app for the iPad, and that’s enough to make me curious. Plus, it’s free today. I’ve had some really good luck with free apps lately – will this be another keeper?

Okay, fine – if zombie pirate monkeys aren’t your bag, here are some apps that are actually useful:

Pulse (iPad) and Pulse Mini (iSmall)

Device: All
Genre: RSS Reader
Price: $3.99 (iPad)/$1.99 (iSmall)

A feature-rich RSS reader, Pulse is a favourite amongst those who enjoy presentation as much as content. There are cheaper, simpler apps (as well as more expensive, more ridiculous ones) but Pulse is the best of all worlds. It’s sleek and makes my RSS feed look like a real blog with important information, which is all I can really ask.

If you’re not a fan of the bells and whistles (or of having different apps for each iDevice):


Device: Universal
Genre: RSS Reader
Price: $2.99

It’s not fancy, but it does the job. Syncs your feeds from Google Reader, and works across all devices which is a nice touch. This app gets many props from people who just can’t stand Pulse, and allows you to post to Twitter (which is something you can’t do via Flipboard yet, assuming you can even use the app [booo waiting list]).

And finally ..


Device: Universal
Genre: File Sharing
Price: Free

Dropbox is one of those handy little tools that allow you to store files online for retrieval from any machine or device. It’s a must-have for things you never know when you’re going to need – I COULD store things on my many USB drives, but what if I only have an iPad or iPhone to use? That’s where Dropbox comes in. I’ve got my home computers synced with my work PC and my iPhone, meaning I can access my porn from anywhere. It’s extremely useful (you can create a shared folder to allow others to download specific things that are too large for email), and it’s free. FREE! You ought to have this app.

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