hump day happies

Lots of free apps worth looking at today:


Device: iPad
Genre: Social Media Net
Price: FREE (possible launch price)
Disclaimer: John Biehler likes it, and he knows everything

I’ll be installing this when I get home tonight. The iPad is glorious for magazine formats, and someone had the bright idea to take your social media streams and put them into a magazine format for handy looking. Soon I’ll be able to stalk all my favourite people on Twitter and Facebook in a handy portable format. Score! The app is reportedly buggy – first day jitters – but has a lot of potential, especially if they add an RSS option down the road. Grab it now, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work perfectly out of the box – give the developers a chance to iron out the kinks and see if it’ll be as useful as the Twitterati seems to think.

Outdoor Guide

Device: All
Genre: Does this look poisonous to you?
Price: FREE (originally $0.99)
Disclaimer: I never go outside

Do you like to go outdoors? I personally don’t, because the wi-fi signal is lousy and I can’t see my screens and also there are other people out there. Still, if I DID spend any amount of time away from the safety of my home, I would want to know if things could kill me. Use this app to find out if that snake can unhinge its jaws and swallow you whole, or if perhaps wiping with those leafy things on that oak tree is a bad idea.

Tower in Space

Device: All
Genre: Canadian Tower Defense .. in Space
Price: FREE (originally $2.99)

If you like Tower Defense games (and really, only lameos don’t), then you should get this one. It’s fun, nice to look at, very Canadian for some reason (the developers are from Ohio – seriously, what’s with the maple leaf?), and has great dialogue. I bought this app when it came out earlier this year, and I didn’t regret it then so surely you will not regret it when it is no monies at all.

Glyder 2: Electric Boogaloo

Device: iPad
Genre: Wooshy platformer
Price: FREE (originally $1.99)
Disclaimer: Haven’t played; installing later tonight

I’ve never heard of Glyder 1 OR 2, but this game looks pretty cool and comes with some lofty (get it) praise: “…soars to the peak of the ‘must-haves’ with its simplistic, compelling, and stress-free gameplay”; “This chilled out platformer fulfills lofty ambitions with gorgeous visuals and pleasant gameplay.” I have a lot of stress in my life, so I could use some things that are gorgeous and stress-free (not to mention easy). The screenshots are pretty, I’ve always wanted wings, and I can afford free.

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