breaking news

I just heard about this game, and I demand you all get it right now:


Device: iPhone/iPad with 3G
Genre: Hilarious ZPG
Price: FREE
Disclaimer: Requires internet connection; I demand you add my player (Vicious Gary) and my God (Drunk Bettie)

A ZPG is a zero-player game, meaning you don’t have to do squat. It’s all the thrill of playing an RPG MMO without, you know, actually playing. Vicious Gary has been out in the world for less than an hour, and he’s already level 2 after encountering some terrible beasts:

FUN! Go now; we’ll wait!

2 responses to this post.

  1. So.. you simply install the app, login, and the game plays itself? That’s my kind of app.


  2. And because I just installed it, as God (Lyteforce), I’ll be asking my hero (Angus MacGyver) to do wonderous things with only a few odd items and a swiss army knife.


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