sunday bloody sunday

Blast Off

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Intergalactic Arcade
Price: FREE (originally $0.99)
Disclaimer: I’ve never played this; installing now

Fly through space, rescue astronauts, don’t hit planets and junk. Sounds interesting enough; I will bite the bullet and 8MB of iPhone space to give it a go.

More space, you say? How about:

Gravity Sling

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Logic puzzles – IN SPACE
Price: Free  (originally $2.99)
Disclaimer: I’ve never played this game; installing now

I just can’t get enough of space. Even though I have no idea what’s going on in the screenshots for this game, I will give it a try. It looks messy and complicated .. JUST LIKE ME.

Flex your creative muscle next with:

Abstract Glowing Art HD

Device: iPad
Genre: Doodle art that GLOWS
Price: FREE (originally $2.99)
Disclaimer: Installing now

There are only two things you need to know about this app:

  1. The first screenshot is of a flaming phoenix
  2. The second screenshot is the silhouette of a wolf howling in front of a full moon

That’s it. What are you waiting for?

Farm Story

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch (requires internet connection)
Genre: Build a farm and annoy the hell out of your friends
Price: FREE (originally $4.99)
Disclaimer: Never played; beware of In App Purchases to get ahead

This game is apparently the original farming game; the one that Farmville was based off of. I’ve never played any of them and likely won’t – I couldn’t get into Harvest Moon for the same reason; I don’t CARE what goes on with my crops – but it’s really popular and free for a limited time only, so I suppose it’s worthy of a blurb. Here you go. This is your blurb.

Not enough violence for you? Okay:

Navy Patrol: Advanced Premium

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Strategy
Price: FREE (originally $4.99)
Disclaimer: Never played and likely won’t – if I’m bad at engineering games, I am criminally horrible at strategy games. Also, they stress me out.

A nominee for the Best Strategy Game of 2009, Navy Patrol appears to be a tower defense game on the open ocean. That’s about all I really have to say about it – give me a break, it’s Sunday and I’m tired.

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