friday i’m in love

Time to pimp a favourite game:

Helsing’s Fire

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Puzzle
Price: $.99 (launch price)

Helsing’s Fire was highly anticipated based on the trailer, and when it launched last week it did not disappoint. I LOVE this game. Dracula is at it again; building a vampire horde to destroy the world –  but you and your trusty assistant Raffton will be having none of this as you take on the infected to rid the Shadow Blight of the demonic uprising. The game has mad style and amusing dialogue, and is well worth the $0.99. High five!

Fantastic Contraption

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Engineering game
Price: $1.99 (originally $4.99)
Disclaimer: I’ve never played this game; I such at engineering

Build wacky devices to reach the goal – can you create a vehicle that’ll hold together long enough? I can’t, which is why I don’t have this app. Maybe you can, though. Good luck, ‘lil contraption.


Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Breakout/Arkanoid in a circle; similar to Radial 50 which Ed is addicted to
Price: FREE (originally $2.99)
Disclaimer: Will be installing later tonight; the game is too large to download via 3G

It’s Arkanoid – IN A CIRCLE! This game is made by Disney and has received high ratings. It looks pretty spiffy – I recommend getting it while it’s free. I will be doing this later tonight, because it is Friday night and I do not have any plans. I am a sad, sad monkey but at least I have a lot of games to play.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by alienmeatsack on July 16, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    I’ve been wanting to try Helsing’s Fire, looks fun!

    OBTW, thanks for the recommend on that damned Princess thing. I have been playing it at work and getting upset when people disrupt as I am trying to send my workers out to get goods. 😀

    Breakspin is not bad, but I found the controls to be a bit annoying. Maybe I just suck at it.

    If you like puzzles that challenge, The Package and Monster Crush. If I didnt already mention and or recommend it, LandFormer. Delightfully devious and fun.


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