thursday app attack


Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Not a game
Price: Free

This isn’t a game at all but the official app for Groupon; the hot new social media money-saving thingie. Once you sign up, you get an email each morning with that day’s offer in your city of choice. If you choose to buy the deal of the day, all Groupons are saved to your account and in this app – and when you go to redeem them, you can whip out your phone and they’ll take the info right from your screen. I had my doubts about Groupon when I first heard about it, to the point of going on CBC News to decry the idea. Yes, I ate my words. I ate them in a Dairy Queen Blizzard last night with Shan, because I bought 5 Groupons at $2 each for a small Blizzard. It was delicious.

With this app, your Groupon transactions are 100% paperless. It is friggin’ awesome.


Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Avoid the Obstacles; clone of Run! which I love
Price: Free (originally $0.99)
Disclaimer: I haven’t played this game

You’re dark, you’re brooding, you have no face. Break out of jail and avoid the obstacles in your path like buzz saws trying to cut you in twain and the police who want to throw you back in the slammer. How far will you get before you meet your doom?

Kung Fu Touch

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Adorable; Fruit Ninja for small children
Price: Free (originally $0.99)
Disclaimer: I haven’t played this game yet; installing now

It must be hard to appear threatening when you’re so very cute, but the Kung Fu Master gives it his best shot. Take your deadly (but cute) act on the road as you travel the adorable pastel world, earning belts and learning new moves as you go. So fey! So twee! KAWAIIIIIIIII! =^.^=

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by alienmeatsack on July 15, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Kung Fu Touch is fun, if you like slashing at things. 🙂

    A few other freebies for today worth mentioning…

    BoxBattle – Use a cannon to shoot boxes in this puzzler.
    Chain Link Pro – A fun action puzzler.
    Breakspin – A new take on breakout.
    Retro Fighter – Similar to Geometry Wars.


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