wednesday app blast

My Kingdom for the Princess

Device: iPad
Genre: Strategy Game
Price: $0.99 (originally $4.99)

I loved this game on the PC, and it’s gorgeous on the iPad. A must-have, especially for a buck!

Chop Sushi

Device: All
Genre: Match-3 Game
Price: FREE (originally $2.99)

A completely bizarre, strangely charming match-3 game that is very different from Bejeweled and its army of clones. The game is a little hard to explain, but it’s awesome and free and has made me giggle more than once so you should get it.

The Jim and Frank Mystery Files

Device: All
Genre: Professor Layton Clone
Price: $0.99 (sale price for app launch)

A very, very good Professor Layton clone featuring 60+ logic/word/math/confusing puzzles. You’ll never see the Professor on the iTunes store, so get this game now.

One response to this post.

  1. I grabbed all three of these games. I cannot stop playing Chop Sushi! What a fantastically entertaining game. I would never have tried it if not for you, so thanks for sharing.


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