afternoon app blast

Here’s a couple more for your Hump Day afternoon in case you have no one to hump:

Samurai: I’m So Angry

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Save the princess by slicing people in half
Price: Free (originally $4.99)

I have this game for the iPad, where I can see people getting chopped in half with reckless abandon. I assume it’s equally entertaining on the iSmall, but you won’t really get the full effect unless you can see spinal columns. Just sayin’.


Device: iPad
Genre: Destroy Everything
Price: Free (originally $1.99)

I haven’t played this game yet, but I’ll be downloading it for my iPad tonight. It came recommended by Neil who has a pug so clearly he is a man of discerning taste.  It looks fun – you get points for swatting helicopters, crushing cars and buildings, and eating people; all without Matthew Broderick anywhere in site. My kind of fun!

Invaders World Tour

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch
Genre: Space Invaders Clone
Price: Free (originally $0.99)

OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day – it got solid reviews, so I’m downloading it now. For free!

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  1. If you download OpenFeint’s app, you can get free games each day through the app (you have to remember to go download it though).


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